About Us


Since its inception in 1995 as a backward integration to our Rebar manufacturing units at Gulf Steel Industries Co. Ltd (GSIC), has consistently strived to enhance its products and services through continuous development of advanced technologies in-house. In our quest to achieve sustainable development, we have focused on placing environmental, health and safety issues at the forefront at all times.

Emirates Steel Company LLC, is a fully owned subsidiary of Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises (ANIE), a renowned industrial conglomerate with manufacturing activities in sectors like Steel, Polymers, Structural Fabrication and Industrial Intermediates located across the AGCC & MENA region.


ANIE was established in 1993 by Al Nasser Holdings LLC to set up successful industrial ventures and establish a strong presence in the AGCC region.


For more information about our Holding Companies, visit:

1) Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises visit www.anieuae.com

2) Al Nasser Holdings visit www.anholdings.com